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  • Kelloggs – Bran Flakes

    Kelloggs – Bran Flakes

    Chris Hoy continues his association with Bran Flakes with an advert about making sure you prepare for any eventuality by getting a healthy start in the morning. The music provides a pulsing background to the daily workout and a euphoric release on the starting gun. For Leo Burnett, London.

  • Fenbid – 2011

    Fenbid – 2011

    A contemporary hollywood-style dramatic action movie score was required by director Larry Shiu for this commercial for Fenbid (a GSK ibuprofen painkiller brand from China). Featuring the Hong Kong megastar martial artist and actor Donnie Yen (Hero, Ip Man, The Lost Bladesman).

  • Kerry LowLow – Mousetrap

    Kerry LowLow – Mousetrap

    A CGI sensation. The epic movie trailer style music was required to give a sense of adventure and anticipation. Directed by dom&nic for Fallon.

  • Sony – Soundville

    Sony – Soundville

    London based music house A-Bomb licensed the track Hello by Dadahack for the sound installation / advertising campaign Soundville. Directed by Juan Cabral for Sony / Fallon, London.

  • Cathay Pacific – Barbara

    Cathay Pacific – Barbara

    Barbara was a journalist who always got the story right. The driving guitars and drums help the pace of the film build to the more relaxed feel on board the plane. One of six adverts Component composed and arranged for McCann-Erickson and Cathay. Component: we’re a part of what you do.



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